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Your safety is our top priority. Whether the vehicle is here for simple service or extensive repair, we will work hard to ensure your vehicle stays on the road for years to come. We perform a wide range of services that include, but not limited to:

  • Brakes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Suspension
  • Starting and Charging
  • Engine and Transmission Driveline and Electrical.

Auto Tech Complete Auto Care is known throughout Huntsville, AL, for our comprehensive car maintenance services including brake repair, tire repair and more. We have a 21-point inspection for all vehicle makes and models, comprehensive oil changes, fluid checks and battery terminal checks. We will also check the details such as your power steering fluid, windshield wipers and antifreeze levels.


Our services are designed to ensure the safety of your vehicle. If we find something wrong during a belt or hose check, we will let you know so that we can install new products before something does happen. We offer comprehensive transmission repair services that include full system checks and fluid flushing. We also have repair services for air conditioning systems, alternators, clutches, axles, suspensions, safety glass, starters and brakes. We leave no stone unturned when we perform maintenance services and make sure you are safe on the road.

Auto Tech Complete Auto Care can help you get the most for your money by inspecting a new or used car before you sign the final sales agreement. We will check the entire vehicle over to make sure that it is safe for you to drive and everything with the vehicle meets all government and manufacturer standards. Our expert technicians offer comprehensive tune-ups, and we can also turn your rotors to help save you money on your maintenance costs. We offer price specials on our services from time to time, so check our website or give us a call to see if you can save any more money on your auto repair and maintenance needs! Auto Tech Complete Auto Care is a local Huntsville, AL, business that is proud to serve the community. Call us today and make an appointment to have your vehicle serviced by an expert mechanic from our auto shop!


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